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Roots of Dymin Systems

Our roots

In 2001, Scott Breitman and Bill Stasak founded Dymin Systems. The company was started from a walk-out basement in Ankeny, Iowa. The overall goal was to change the landscape of computer sales, repair, and IT support. Years later, the company eventually moved to a 7,500 square foot center in Urbandale. As the network continues to grow, we continue to expand with it. Today, Dymin is one of the largest IT organizations in the state of Iowa!


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What we do for you

So, what makes Dymin different?

What makes us stand out from the IT crowd? Well, we could start out with the fact that we were the first in the country to guarantee 24-hour repairs. Maybe it’s the fact that we give our business customers true IT management, instead of leaving them confused and scared with their technology. We have a passionate and driven team that deeply cares about technology and our customers. Rain or sun, night or day, whatever comes our way, we’re here to stay. We take pride in the fact that we’re giving our local community the best IT services and repair available!

Meet our team

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Scott Brietman
Ceo and founder

William Stasak
CFO and co-founder

Mikayla Hartgers
Accounting Specialist

Mikayla Hartgers
Accounting Specialist

Dakotah Reynolds
Director of Sales

Prince Harrison
Marketing Intern

Joseph Breitman
Business Process Analyst

Jessica Jenkins
Account Manager

Account Manager
Systems Engineer

C.C Shivvers
IT Project Manager

Justin Wilson
IT Project Engineer

Brett Adams
Service Delivery Manager

Eian Barnett
IT Support Technical Lead

Genesis Llanos
IT Service Coordinator

Guillermo Pineda
Senior IT Support Specialist

Brandon Mann
Field Services Manager

Shaun Akers
IT Support Specialist

Ryan Deus
IT Support Specialist

Nelson Le
IT Project Specialist

Dale Whitlock
IT Deployment Specialist

Kyle Knight
Bench Technician

Kayli Mernka
Retail Store Manager

Garrett Gallagher
Bench Technician

Owen Borg
Bench Technician

Michael Van Riessen
Bench Technician

Gerald Noto
Asset Recovery Technician, Warehouse Manager

Darla Seymour
Asset Recovery Technician, Logistics Specialist

Owen Borg
Bench Technician

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