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Losing your data is like losing your house keys; It is scary and leaves you feeling vulnerable. Causes of data loss include: software corruption, hardware malfunction and human error. Despite the latest technologies and your best efforts, data loss may occur suddenly or out of nowhere. However, there is no need to be afraid for long. Here at Computer Repair of Des Moines, we have all the resources needed to not only recover your files, but also keep them safe and sound. Our experts will be sure to take care of your device and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

The following is a list of data we can recover:

  • Information on Windows and Apple devices
  • Failed hard drives, flash drives, or memory cards
  • Corrupted data
  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Failed or degraded RAID arrays

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Professional Data Recovery Packages

Before we begin a recovery project, we offer diagnostic evaluations of your hard drive with a non-refundable $50 deposit. Then we can determine the type of data recovery you need and provide an estimated cost.

Basic Recovery Service

Drives that are physically working but have suffered some form of logical failure or corruption.

$150 and up

Advanced Recovery Service

Drives that require advanced recovery methods or need to be disassembled in a clean-room lab.

$1000 and up

Raid Data Recovery

Drives that are part of a multi-drive array known as a RAID. These are typically found in servers.

$2000 and up

Data Recovery FAQs

Our standard turnaround is 7 days or fewer to complete the diagnosis and provide a firm price for recovery, and 30 days or fewer to fully extract your data and have it back in your hands. Since every case is unique, these times will vary. Many basic recoveries can be done in a just a few days.

Most hard drives can have their data recovered successfully, but the possibility of success depends on the manner in which your particular hard drive has failed. Luckily, only about 10% of the data recovery cases we evaluate are determined to be unrecoverable.

A complete recovery is not always possible, depending on how your hard drive failed. In these cases, you’ll have a chance to review the data we successfully recover and decide whether or not to proceed. If we cannot recover the files you want and you choose not to continue, you won’t have to pay! You can also choose to purchase the data we are able to recover for the originally quoted price.

Yes. However, this won’t reduce the cost of the recovery process. The same amount of time, expertise, and specialized tools are required to repair the hard drive properly and well enough to recover a single file or the entire hard drive.

Data recovery is a unique skill that requires years of experience and specialized tools built exclusively for this purpose. Some people who go price shopping for data recovery options don’t know what to expect or how much they should pay. Unfortunately, this often leads to choosing unrealistically cheap data recovery services from companies that lack the ability to properly provide consistent results.

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