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To Update or Not to Update – Yosemite

Yosemite is secure, powerful, and up-to-date.

More responsive

OS X Yosemite plays well with older macs very well, especially since it’s optimized for the sleek though resource-lacking Macbook Airs. It has ways of cranking the most out of your old, outdated processor while making a sizably small footprint on limited RAM. Yosemite includes newly redesigned Apps as well as a sleek new user interface at the desktop level, bringing all the power your mac has to offer coupled with the simplicity you have come to know and love out of your mac.

More secure

With patches to security flaws in previous versions of OS X, Yosemite strives in its ability to keep your mac clean and impenetrable by viruses, trojans, malware, adware, and spyware. Older versions which came with your mac, such as 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, 10.7.5 Lion are much more vulnerable to attacks and should be upgraded if possible.

New features

OS X Yosemite includes new features to make your Apple life experience more fluid and amazing. One of these new features is called Continuity, which when coupled with an iOS device such as an iPhone, can allow you to do things like take or make calls incoming or outgoing from your iPhone right on your mac, sending or receiving SMS messages from your iPhone on your mac, and Handoff, which allows you to start browsing the web, writing an email, scheduling an appointment, writing a report, and much more – on one device and finish it on the other. This feature works with Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts.

Are you compatible?

Finding out if your mac is able to be upgraded to Yosemite is simple and easy! Just click the apple in your upper left-hand computer, select “About This Mac.” You are compatible if you have:

  1. iMac Late 2007 or newer
  2. MacBook Late 2008 Aluminum/Early 2009 polycarbonate or newer
  3. MacBook Pro Mid/Late 2007 or newer
  4. MacBook Air Late 2008 or newer
  5. Mac Mini Early 2009 or newer
  6. Mac Pro Early 2008 or newer
  7. Xserve Early 2009

As well as 2GB of RAM, are running OS X 10.6.8 or later, and have 8GB available space or more.

How do you upgrade?

Just visit the OS X Yosemite page of the Mac App Store, download and install. Your documents, apps, and settings will remain untouched!┬áIf any apps you have are incompatible with your new OS, you be notified, and they will be placed in a folder on the root of your system disk in a folder called “Incompatible Software” Most of the time you can simply download a more up-to-date version of your software, some of the time, the vender may have gone out of business or stopped development on that software. In that case you will need to find an alternative if it’s something you need.

Hopefully you find this tech tip informative and useful!

This Apple Tech Tip was brought to you by Computer Repair of Des Moines!

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