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CRD’s 5 Recommendations for Out of The Box Macs

5 Great applications and tweaks for fresh apple computers.

Increase functionality and control

Here at Computer Repair of Des Moines, we use Apple computers a lot. We love Apple, their hardy robust hardware, their easy-to-use “It just works” software, but over time we’ve noticed a couple shortcomings in various scenarios, and have found several amazing solutions for these. Follow along to find our 5 recommendations for your shiny new mac to make your life so much easier.

1: Better Touch Tool


Like Windows 7 because of the ability to drag a window to the top and make it fullscreen (Snap)? This tool does that, and a myriad more. Better Touch Tool is designed by Andreas Hegenberg and is available for the low low price of nothing!

BTT includes many features like window snapping, window switching, hotkey assignment, trackpad gestures, magic mouse gestures, and much more. With this tool, you can’t go wrong, it doesn’t take much in the way of resources and really adds a ton of features and customization to your Mac.

2: smcFanControl


If you are a power-user, you’re likely no stranger to how hot a computer can get. If you’re technically inclined at all, you know that heat can cause computers to throttle speed and components to fail. smcFanControl puts the ability to control your fans at your fingertips. Designed by people at Eidac, this tool does one thing, it does it well, and it does it for free. Residing in your menu bar, this tool provides you with two pieces of info. Your current temperature (Provided by one a couple probes in the computer, dependent on model and selection) and the speed of the fan(s) selected. You can configure separate profiles and at the cost of a bit of fan noise, you can keep your computer relatively cool.

3: Google Chrome

Google Chrome

OS X comes with built-in browser called Safari, which is good in general, but we love the synchronous settings and preferences which comes with Chrome. Chrome as a browser is inherently safe – google keeps on hand an updated list of unsafe sites, and warns users when they try to access one of the site on the list. Google is one of the most HTML5 compliant browsers to date, which allows for the safer HTML5 video player in comparison to Flash, which seems to have caught a lot of flak for security holes lately. Chrome also has the ability to install many third-party extensions which can change the look, feel, performance, and utilization of your browser. Google provides this software to the public, free of charge.

4: Adblock Plus (Extension for Google Chrome)

AdBlock Plus

While we support the revenue of companies and small businesses, but more often than not a lot of advertisements have potential to mislead users and allow for many nasty things like data mining, browser hijacking, malware installation, and other privacy-invading, boundary-crossing things. Adblock allows users to simply cause these adverts to not render in the browser window. This allows for faster page loading, less distraction, and less potential to infect your mac with adware, and less potential for data mining in general. Best of all, it’s available for free!

5: Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X

If you have a newer Mac, chances are it has an SSD in it, and unless you shelled out for a larger one, it doesn’t have a ton of space. Disk Inventory X analyzes the disk or folder of your choosing, visually organizing the size of files and folders for you to view and clear out. It is very handy for keeping your disk usage to a minimum, and is available for free!

Hopefully you find this tech tip informative and useful!

This Apple Tech Tip was brought to you by Computer Repair of Des Moines!

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