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Liquid Spills: What should you do, and not do?

We all know how these things happen. One minute you are relaxing, enjoying your coffee and checking twitter. Then the unthinkable, you’ve just bumped that pumpkin spice latte all over your new laptop!


Don’t worry! There’s a few simple things you can do to make sure that your laptop will survive:

THE most important… Turn it off! Pull the battery, hold the power button, whatever it takes! Resist the temptation to try to turn it on. This could make things worse.

Then, get all the liquid you can out of it! Turn it upside down on a towel if you have to.
Rice at best does nothing, at worst it gets into the laptop and causes more problems. Rice is not a magic water absorbent, if it were it would constantly be pulling water out if the air, it would be soft before you even boiled it.

Now bring it to Computer Repair of Des Moines as soon as possible! No need to schedule an appointment, just bring it in!
We will do a thorough cleaning and testing, walking you through any potential issues and explaining the repair process in a simple easy to understand way.

We actually take the laptop apart and put it in our industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

Fun fact: most computers do not die because of the liquid directly damaging it. It is actually the process of corrosion that ruins it and causes your laptop to need an expensive repair.
Even if you think a laptop is fine after a liquid spill, problems could occur days, weeks, or even months later.
Would you rather spend $400-700 on a new logic board for that shiny Macbook, or have it cleaned, inspected, and tested for a small fee before any permanent damage occurs?

Thought so!


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