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A Flash Drive is Not Real Backup

Do not use a flash drive as a backup device if you value your files at all. Flash drives are meant to be a convenient way to move files from one source to another and are not an a permanent storage option. If you break your flash drive, you could be paying a couple hundred dollars to resurrect your files. That’s actually the best case scenario. Worst case scenario? Spending thousands of dollars with a “clean room” data recovery specialist. Even then, there’s no guarantee!

The best option is to use an external hard drive and implement a regular backup routine for yourself. Leave the external hard drive unplugged when you’re not using it. Remember, a hard drive that travels in your bag with your computer is not a backup solution – it’s simply storage! Also, use an offsite backup in tandem with your external backup drive. Think of this like storing belongings at a trusted friend or relative’s house. What’s even better would be storing your data in the cloud!


Follow these tips and you won’t have to worry about shelling out a ton of cash to maybe get back your files!

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